Hello my name is Kid Crow...

or simply Crow, representing SBB (Super Bad Boys), ID (Ivory Dukes), WCDIB (We can do it better), legendary GBF and LETTERHEADS Crew. I have been doing graffiti art since 1996 but most of my early stuff was just doodling. After more than 25 years of bending letters I spend most of my time running workshops through my own academy Style Scouts®, curating art projects or producing Walls Don´t Lie Podcasts with my fellow mate Kgee.


Welcome to my Shop!

In this official Kid Crow Online Shop you will find a selection of products, limited prints, merchandise and original artwork.
All products are made by Kid Crow and shipped worldwide. If you have further questions write an E-Mail to [email protected]. Make sure to follow me on my Website Instagram & Facebook!